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Water Soluble CBD CapsulesWater Soluble CBD Capsules

Water Soluble CBD Capsules

Water Soluble CBD Capsules

A large majority of CBD Capsules consumers ingest their cannabidiol via products like beverages, edibles, capsules and powders. When choosing which format to use, there are a few factors that should be considered – including onset times and absorption rates.

When oil extracts are absorbed, they must undergo first-pass metabolism in the liver before entering general circulation. This can cause a wide variance in bioavailability – with up to 6-12% of the available cannabinoid molecules being digested during this process. When a consumer takes a water-soluble product, such as a tincture or drops, however, the extract is already in a highly absorbable form by the time it reaches the liver. This reduces the amount of work the body must do to break down the cannabinoids and ensures that up to 4.5x more CBD is absorbed than other oil-based products.

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In addition to increased bioavailability, water-soluble CBD can also help to create a more precise dosage. This is achieved by emulsifying the CBD, which allows producers to produce products that taste great, are accurately dosed and offer predictable and repeatable experiences for their customers.

Water-soluble ingredients are often easier to measure as well, which can give people more confidence in the consistency of their daily intake. In addition, a water-soluble product can be mixed directly into a beverage or food without the need for additional preparation, which can make it a more convenient choice for users on the go.