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Georgy Bush Business The Differences Between Polished Concrete and Epoxy Warehouse Flooring

The Differences Between Polished Concrete and Epoxy Warehouse Flooring

Warehouses need to be able to handle heavy loads and equipment, as well as being clean and safe. The flooring is crucial to meeting these requirements, as it can be the difference between a floor that lasts or a floor that fails. There are a wide variety of options for warehouse floors, including epoxy coatings and polished concrete. To determine which option best meets your operation’s needs, it’s important to understand the differences between these two flooring types.

A typical warehouse floor is made of rubber industrial flooring , as it’s both durable and affordable. However, concrete is also porous and requires periodic cleaning to keep it looking good. Over time, this can lead to a dusty and dirt-filled work environment that’s not ideal for warehouse operations. To solve this problem, warehouses often turn to concrete floor coatings — such as epoxy coatings — that protect the concrete from damage and make it easier to clean.

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These coatings are composed of an epoxy resin and polyamine hardener that chemically react when applied. This creates a rigid plastic surface that’s highly resistant to impact and gouging, while also being able to stand up to harsh chemicals and elevated concrete moisture conditions. In addition, warehouse floor coatings provide abrasion resistance to pallet jacks and forklift tires, while also being easy to clean.

In addition to these benefits, warehouse concrete floor coatings can be customized with acid-based or water-based stains. This can help to give your warehouse a unique and appealing look. For example, acid stains produce rich color tones in greens, browns and blacks while water-based stains offer a more varied color spectrum.

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