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Caster Store – Choosing the Best Casters for Your Needs

Casters Are a Critical Part of Materials Handling

Casters are an essential component of most material handling equipment, including carts, wheelbarrows, and pallet jacks. They allow objects to move with less effort, reduce the risk of injury and improve workplace efficiency.

The caster store and wheels that make up these vital pieces of equipment need to be lubricated, inspected and replaced on a regular basis. Any minor flaws that erode the treads and construction can cause long-term deterioration and need to be addressed before they become larger problems.

Choosing the Best Casters for Your Needs

When shopping for a caster, it’s important to choose the right type based on your application. This can be determined by the surface area and weight of your unit, as well as what temperature the wheels need to withstand or what chemicals they may be exposed to.

Swivel casters are an essential option for many industrial applications because they can rotate 360 degrees while carrying loads. These casters are available in various types, such as locking casters, plate casters, stem casters, and kingpinless casters.

These types of casters can be locked in place with a lever that presses against a brake cam, or they can be unlocked to be able to turn. These types of casters are useful for moving heavy loads and turning tight corners in warehouses, but they can also be used to help hold items in place.

When shopping for a caster, it’s also important to select the right material and size. These will affect how the caster moves, how durable it is and how it sounds.

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