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Georgy Bush Blog The Jaguar E Type – A Car That Defines the Swinging 60s

The Jaguar E Type – A Car That Defines the Swinging 60s

jaguar e type

The E type – a car that defines the ‘swinging 60s’

One of the most iconic cars of the era, the Jaguar e type was the first production model to feature independent rear suspension. The E-type also benefited from the development of disc brakes with Dunlop, a technology that was pioneered on the highly successful Le Mans winning C-Type and D-Type sports cars. More info

It’s a true roadster, yet with that long hood and the powerful inline six-cylinder engine barking to life it has an air of agility and speed that harks back to another era when racers used lightweight materials to gain extra power. This was a new approach to building sports cars at the time, and it helped to set the standard for a whole generation of future Jaguars.

The E-type has a lot of appeal for buyers, especially those who like to drive a sports car and don’t want to spend too much money on a car that won’t offer them performance. But that doesn’t mean that the E-type is without its faults.

Why the Jaguar E-Type is a Must-Have for Classic Car Collectors

Rust is one of the big concerns with the E-type, and if you’ve bought an older E-type it’s best to have it checked by a specialist for signs of this developing. Look for rust on the wheel boxes, sills and suspension mounting points.

If the suspension is showing signs of wear or there’s a whine on the ride you should have it checked for leaks and worn coil springs. These could be problems with the dampers and a specialist will know what to look for to get you out on the road again.

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