Day: November 1, 2022

Ping G425 ReviewsPing G425 Reviews

Designed for mid to high handicap golfers, Ping G425 irons feature high launch and maximum forgiveness. They are also designed for compact greens and provide a soft landing. The high launch helps the ball travel at a faster pace, resulting in an optimal carry distance.

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The Hyper 17-4 technology in Ping G425 irons uses ductility and strength to create a ball-speed friendly flex. It also incorporates a tungsten toe screw, which increases the MOI by about 3%.

The irons are made from maraging steel, which allows for the weight to be distributed low in the head. The Hydropearl finish helps repel moisture from the grooves, while promoting cleaner contact with the ball. The crown features turbulator ridges to help frame the ball. Detailed review

The multi-material badge in the cavity of Ping G425 irons helps dampen vibrations and promotes a crisper sound at impact. The club also includes an Arccos shot-tracker in the grip, which gives golfers access to performance data and allows them to improve by four shots per round.

The Ping G425 driver comes in SFT and MAX models. Both models feature a slice-fixing setup. They are around 45 3/4″ long. They also feature a straight flight technology. There are three different lofts available, and they are available in retro spec, power spec, and standard lofts. The Ping G425 series also comes in seven aftermarket upgrades.

The Ping G425 irons are available in three loft options. The standard lofts, G30 and G45, are suitable for golfers with low handicaps, while the high lofts, G40 and G50, are for higher handicap golfers.