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Georgy Bush Blog Avoiding Bad Baby Names

Avoiding Bad Baby Names

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Choosing a child’s name can be a daunting task. It goes beyond just liking the sound of a name. Your choice should also be unique, yet not likely to lead to bullying or resentment. It can be surprising to discover that some parents never received the memo about appropriate names and have named their children everything from Adolf Hitler to Nutella. A few tips to avoid naming your child a bad name are detailed below. Click here for baby name ideas

A Quick Google Search Can Help You Narrow Down Your Options

Greek: Doris is a beautiful name meaning “gift of the sea”. The goddess of the sea is known for giving birth to the magical golden-haired sea nymphs. Although it is a beautiful name, this unique choice for a baby does not have a very common meaning, and is often associated with the 1920s. It is best to research the meaning and origin of a name before selecting it for your little girl.

Names from a specific culture are also unique. Names from the Spanish, French and African-American cultures are particularly common. You can research these names online. For more information on which names are best for your child, check out the Wikipedia article on cultural influences and meanings. There are also many websites that feature names from various countries. It is possible to find many unique options with little research. A quick Google search can help you narrow down your options.

While many of these names may be unusual for babies, they are not uncommon for young children. In fact, many names for girls and boys have strong female associations. While “Emma” and “Sophia” have been on top for years, the popularity of “Genesis” and “Ruth Bader Ginsberg” has increased in recent years. Those names are also popular for boys. Despite their popularity, some parents find them unsuitable for their little girl.

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