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Changing a Stock Tractor Transmission

diff gears

There are many reasons that people replace their diff gears, but most of them have to do with economy. The economy is where we live, and how we live it is directly related to how much we can save money. In commodores people tend to use expensive parts like titanium, carbon fiber, and other expensive metals that cost a lot of money to produce and yet can’t make a dent in the bottom line, as there’s no profit in making products that aren’t going to sell. The stock market however thrives on cheap products that cost next to nothing, so a lot of traders look for diff gears that will allow them to save money.

Here’s A Quick Way To Solve A Problem With Changing A Stock Tractor Transmission

In diff gears you’ll see that they differ by a half horsepower for each tooth. The larger the tooth the lower the RPM that can be achieved, but this also means that the smaller teeth will require more RPM to achieve the same speeds. The reason people often change their diff gears is to get more speed, but it’s not always necessary. If you don’t need more speed, then changing to a smaller tooth might not help you at all. If you only need more RPM on a specific occasion then changing to a tooth sized less than your original tooth may work.

So if there’s one thing that most stock truck drivers hate to change, it’s the torque converter. Even though stock diff gears have a lot of power, they have very low torque. This means that unless you’re trying to shift into fourth or fifth gear you won’t be able to change the gear to accelerate. Fortunately however, you can remove all of the torque from the transmission by installing aftermarket diff gears. They give you the torque that you need and save a ton of money because they don’t have to be made from expensive materials like titanium.

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