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Georgy Bush Real Estate Fort McMurray Realtors Has Plenty of New Home Listings

Fort McMurray Realtors Has Plenty of New Home Listings

With new listings starting to pick up, now is a good time to start looking at the Fort McMurray Real Estate market because now is the time to snatch up some cheap secondhand property before the prices start rocketing upward. In addition to that, with a cooling economy and oil prices dropping, there is no better time to purchase a home than right now when prices are low and deals are great. However, with any good thing, there is competition and with the economy not picking up the number of new single family homes for sale near Fort McMurray AB in the city just doesn’t seem to be growing any faster. Still, there is some good news out there and the number of luxury properties still available seems to be holding steady and climbing.

Canada’s Home Price Growth Lowest Since Recession

It was an interesting point made by an industry analyst that there was actually less supply last year than there has been in the past five years and if you look at the average sales price of properties that have been on the market for that amount of time; they are actually declining in value. This bodes well for buyers who can wait a little while longer for their perfect property to become available and in some cases may even get lucky and find themselves with a bargain. Fort McMurray real estate agents have noticed a slow but steady increase in the number of inquiries on the market which is also a positive sign. It’s nice to know there are people who are interested in buying a home in Fort Mac but what is happening with the number of units on the market is an even bigger question.

With the slowdown in the real estate market across the country it has never been a better time to buy in Fort McMurray and the Alberta real estate industry has already seen a lot of new interest as buyer’s battle to stay in business. If you are looking to buy a new home in Alberta and are worried about the current market, there is no need to worry. Real estate agents in Fort McMurray and all of Alberta are working hard to keep buyers interested and many of the Fort Mac houses on the market have already been on the market for months or more. There are no shortages of houses and lots left to be purchased in this city and those people who purchase property now will soon be moving out in preparation for the next wave of buyers seeking a new house in the Alberta city.

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