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Bringing a Bit of Coffee Beans Tastiness Home

ground beans

For centuries people have been enjoying the taste and aroma of ground beans. Today, however, most of us enjoy ground coffee in the form of pre-ground beans that are available in convenient packets. Pre-ground coffee is convenient and quite inexpensive compared to freshly ground coffee beans that are available in specialty stores and supermarkets. It’s also healthier since freshly ground beans have a lot more antioxidants than pre-ground coffee beans. However, one thing missing from the packet or bag is the full bodied flavor of fresh coffee beans.

How To Take The Headache Out Of Ground Beans

While you can substitute ground beans in any recipe where you want less coffee or cream, sometimes it is nice to really let a full flavor coffee bean shine through. If you’re not into roasting your own coffee beans, you can buy ground coffee in many popular flavors from hazelnut to carrot, cinnamon to apple. You can also find iced coffee in flavors like hazelnut, banana, caramel and chocolate.

Another way to add a bit of whole coffee beans flavor is to simply add some sugar to your coffee. Adding sugar gives the coffee a bit of “browned” flavor, just a hint of which you can’t get with pre-ground coffee. This trick is used not only to make coffee for breakfast, but also to make iced tea or even hot cocoa. Coffee drinkers worldwide know how great iced tea tastes and if they had their choice, would choose iced coffee over regular ice. Try experimenting with sugar to bring out the best flavor of your coffee beans, and you will be hooked for life!

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