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Georgy Bush Uncategorized Discover the Many Attractions in Plumber Lake Macquarries

Discover the Many Attractions in Plumber Lake Macquarries

If you are looking for peace and quiet in a new setting, what better than a serene little fishing village such as Plumber Lake Macquarie. Set in the bushland of New South Wales, this lake lies in a beautiful corner of Australia’s magnificent Northern Territory. With its serene, clear waters, the lake offers you and your family access to some of the most exotic fish species scattered throughout the lakes world. You can also indulge yourself in some amazing fishing with boats available for hire, or simply take to the water on your own vessel for a day of relaxation or fun.

Attractions in Plumber Lake

A visit to the lake is an experience of a lifetime. It will transport you back through time and set you amongst some of the most remote communities in the Northern Territory. You will find a laid-back atmosphere in the towns around Plumber Lake Macquarries. Unlike the tourist traps that you may be used to, the people here are friendly, engaging and definitely have time for you. For many residents their fishing experience began as children on their parents fishing trips, instilling a passion for the sport in them at an early age. They will give you tips for success and encourage you to explore the deeper waters with their help.

If you are looking for a place to relax, take a cruise on the Lake Macquarries Water Train, or go boating for some gold. There are more than 30 boat slips available for rentals, or you can purchase a holiday cottage complete with amenities and private deck to take you out on the water. If you have always wanted to try fly fishing, then the fishing charters that are available will ensure that you get to catch some fantastic fish. As part of the lake’s marine park, you can explore the marine biology laboratories and spend several hours in one of the tanks, or simply watch as a school of fish swim by in the calm waters. If you want a more active experience, there are jet boating and jet ski rentals available.

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