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Georgy Bush Uncategorized The Importance of Stormwater Management

The Importance of Stormwater Management

stormwater management plan

Stormwater management plan is a crucial part of reducing runoff and managing flood risk in the regions of high population growth, including cities, towns, and rural areas. Studies have shown that the amount of flood damage per square mile in the US has more than doubled over the last two decades as a direct result of improperly planned and managed stormwater management. With an increasing need to reduce flood damage as well as drought risk to agriculture, urban planners are increasingly advocating the implementation of a stormwater management plan through comprehensive analysis and careful research.


It is important for both environmental and economic reasons, to manage stormwater. With inadequate stormwater management, cities and counties are risking a mounting infrastructure investment that could potentially cost millions of dollars over the next decade because of escalating water costs. Studies have indicated that investing in stormwater management will help reduce flood damage costs by up to 40% over the life of the property involved, through increased health care costs due to diseases caused by pollution of floodwater, lost revenue from displaced homes and business, and increased property values due to reduced risk of natural disasters. Beyond the monetary benefits of a stormwater management plan, it is vital that communities implement comprehensive plans in order to protect their most valuable natural resources, such as water, sand, and soil.


For local governments, investing in a stormwater management plan is one of the best ways to reduce environmental damage while promoting economic development. Stormwater runoff is responsible for contaminated groundwater and improper landfills, to stormwater flowing off highways and roads affect both wildlife and human health. There are many examples of wasteful practices that negatively impact our environment when stormwater is improperly managed. By implementing a comprehensive stormwater management plan for both domestic and federal facilities, we can help reduce pollution while improving the quality of life.

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